IntoPress Football is an online magazine dedicated to promoting the work of aspiring sports writers from across the UK.

Now, we realise you may have heard that one before – because there are a lot of other sites out there claiming to promote young writers.

But these unscrupulous organisations abuse the enthusiasm of young writers in order to gain a cheap (free) and regular supply of content, to be published in a bed of advertisements and sponsoring – which provide streams of revenue that those young writers never see any part of.

And in order to maximise that revenue, those sites are willing to prostitute this cheap content across social media. They may claim to offer their writers bigger audiences, but these audiences are built upon the clickbaiting of recycled news under misleading headlines. Gabriel Obertan had a rather large audience at Old Trafford – but would you want to be part of the team that employs him?

The other sites will also offer ‘experience’ – a vague term used to maintain that supply of content. But no real journalist regularly has to endure the ‘experience’ of producing cheap content from home for a faceless editor and indiscriminate website. We’re not going to pretend that writing for us exactly replicates the ‘experience’ of being a journalist, nor are we going to make you write to tight deadlines or dictate what you write about.

But we are going to promise that we will try our hardest to give you as many of the tools and knowledge that modern journalists use in their, very real, experience, as possible.

We want to give aspiring journalists a real platform into the industry, but unlike those other sites that purport to do the same, we want to do it honestly and transparently. We will provide as much as we can to make our writers better journalists.

It is this aim that prompted some of the leading names in the business to endorse our idea.

Notice the absence of advertisements or sponsoring here. We aren’t making a profit off your writing. In fact, we aren’t making any money at all, so, at least in the short term, we won’t be able to offer our writers monetary reward.

Instead, we’d look to offer writers relevant, industry-based advice, editorial feedback, and guidance in the technical demands of modern journalism, from the operation of video equipment to the craft of post-production.

Our aim is to give you as many of the tools used by professional journalists as we can – ideally giving you the edge in the ever-important employability stakes.

Our priority is not views or clicks. Our priority is the promotion of quality football writing. If you think you can offer that, we’d love to have you on board – and will give you as much as we can realistically offer you in return.

Because of our focus on quality, and because of our endorsements from the big names, an article on our site ought to be a journalistic seal of industry approval.

To get started, email and we’ll walk you through our process.